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Got myself a Tumblr a short while back. Pretty much a place to upload any work I've done recently. Should be updated regularly. Head over and check it out if you've got some time.
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Hey everyone, same procedure as last year...
I've got some tee illustrations up for voting on, would be awesome if you could head on over there and cast a vote, or just check them out.

Sipho Mario --->…

Ducks In A Row --->…

PoolTable --->…


Greg - TGG
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Hey everyone, I've just started a new blog. Basically a place where i can share my hand-drawn work, doodles, sketchbook pages and just general creativity and news.

Check it out here


Greg - Tokyo-Go-Go
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Hey everyone!

Exhibition is coming up in a week or so, kinda going a bit mad. Still so much to do gosh! :D Should be rad though, if anyone is in Durban, (I'm guessing not too many at all) but the expo is on the 5th of November, DUT City Campus, Gonna be exhibiting most of my tee design from this year as well as have a few bits and pieces as promotional items. If you're around, come check it out! :D

Thats all from me, work seems to be on hold for a while, but should have a few new things up eventually :D


Greg - TGG
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Hey everyone!

Wow, busy times, alot's been happening lately, so I thought I'd use my journal to its full potential for a change, none of that, PLEASE VOTE HERE stuff :D well um.. maybe just one..

Yeah so I'm currently in my final year at uni, studying illustration and its going really well! Lecturers are stok'd with my work, so am I, and time is quickly disappearing, soon it'll be the end of year exhibition! Then job hunting HECK!

Oh yeah! trying something a bit different again, I'm in the process of making a little flash game :D should be rad to see how it turns out, Its called Go!Go!Racers! and I'll put it up as soon as its complete, will probably upload some bits and pieces now and then, like random artwork and stuffs. Done two cars so far 0_o yup still a while to go!

The whole idea behind the game is create a small campaign type vibe, you know, sub the game all over, create a tee design for it, and maybe even do a few papercraft toy cars! I dunno, basically winging it for now!

So yeah, The biweekly contest comes to and end tomorrow! And indeed here comes the "PLEASE VOTE HERE' attack :)

Rest In Pixels is up until tomorrow! ---->…

And theres a new sub in the Springleap PAST contest. Its all about anti suits and ties, take a look at A Casual Invasion on Springleap ---->…

Thats it from me for a short while! Oh almost forgot the best news! Next month the Loerie Awards are being held in Cape Town! They are South Africa's design awards and I managed to be a finalist in a couple of categories! Can't wait to     take a trip down there, gonna be awesome!

Yup thats it, eventually. Later! :iconiloveitplz:
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Hello there everyone!

The latest contest has just begun and Rest In Pixels is up for voting, If you could take some time out to vote that would be awesome! Thank you!

Here's the link to Rest In Pixels on! --->…
Hey Everyone!

CropPixels won on and is now available in Guys S-XXL and Girls S-L.

Here is the link to where you can get your shirt --->…

CropPixels by tokyo-go-go

Thanks to anyone who voted :D
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Hey everyone, I have a couple submissions in the latest contest, and it would be SWEET if you guys could take a few minutes to vote!

CropPixels by tokyo-go-go Confined Space Battle by tokyo-go-go

CropPixels & Confined Space Battle are both in the running, can click on the links below to vote!
Thank you! :D

CropPixels on ---->…

Confined Space Battle on ---->…
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Hey there everyone!

Prehistorically Pimped!… is up for voting in the LaFraise, BloodSweatVector contest! The theme is Re-Animation, so thought the Flintstones vibe was for perfect for it :D, backgrounds are different, if yr familiar with the LaFraise tees, the image is now on Asphalt.

Hope you can take the time to vote! Would be awesome! Thanks

Prehistorically Pimped! on LaFraise >>… <<

Later! Enjoy your day :)
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Hey there,

Good NEWS! oooh yes! SpeedTrap The Stunt Mouse… is now being sold at The design won the latest contest and will be printed on Black slim-fit tees for both guys and girls! Springleap ships worldwide! and the tee prices are... R183  $19  €15  £12.

SpeedTrap on ---->…

Thanks to anyone that voted!
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Hey there,

Hope you can take a couple minutes out of your time to vote for "Moosing Block"… on Its up for six more days, so please tell a heap of people and get them all to vote! Its my first sub on the site and i hope it does really well, With all your help i'm sure it could!

Here is the… you can vote!

Thanks alot!
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If anyone is into shirt designs/illustrations then they should definitely have a look at these pages. - South African based website that fully promotes SA designers. You can submit 5 designs per month and if yours recieves the highest score then you win 7,000 ZAR as well as royalties, sponsored prizes, and 40,000 ZAR worth in exposure! and AND! the top twenty designs get made and the respective designer gets a number of their shirts!! TOO RAD! - BigBlu is the trend hype of shirt design in SA. They're currently holding a comp where the winner receives 20,000 ZAR.

Sure alota ppl know - but if not it is very  similar to springleap. Its based in the US and the prizemony per month is alot higher. $25,000 if i'm not mistaken. However theres more competition so if you win there YOU ARE AMAZING!

anyway check those out if you get a chance. Definitely worth it!
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So....... sigh..... the time has come and i'm seriously contemplating installing windows onto my imac.
purely for games of coarse. um and the fact that manga studio is just too large to download for OSX..
ANYWAY. anyone else got windows on thier mac?? help? bootcamp a good way to go yes?
Have a funny feeling the mac with explode knowing how skill'd i am with technology.

ok i'm tired.

Have a good time wasting time er1!!!

word.. hahaha  
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Streetlight Manifesto/Catch22
RX Bandits
Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

oh yes the best ska around. GO GET IT! :D
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so i'm sitting here.. wondering why outlines take so dam long to do. is it just me. ok i'm using illustrator for my lines. done it for a while now... count the minutes till its colouring time oh yeah.. so whats the deal?
anyone feel the same? whats your working plan? and any other quick outline methods. besides manga studio:( i'm a broke one trick pony...
rad days all round.
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Happy New Year Everyone!!!!
Will be going into my third year of design this year.. sigh.. so much work ahead..
but really amp'd to do some requests.. so gimme a shout. maybe some tv or movi fan art???

If you're still on holiday like me. enjoy!!!
Have a rad 2008 erbody^_^
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Did you see it?
The glint in my eye?
The Black tear as i tore what i had seen from my mind
My lonely eye resting in the palm of my hand
If you did see it,
Did it scare you?
To place your twisted stomach alongside the now glazed over eye.
Would the feelings of lonelyness and disgust rekognize one another?
To hold out this hand and wait.
Watch the glint fade as the feelings are ignored.
Would someone reach out and take those feelings?
To hold my shaken hand,
Close it, and squeeze.
Untill those broken feelings splinter and rupture and tear.
The black liquid of those memories would finally escape my hand
To have someone lift my chin up.
And say...

Now let me take care of that other eye.